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Antique Building Materials

Artistic Architectural Elements


Wood Flooring
Stone Slabs

Floor covering is fundamental to get a high degree of comfort in your home, and we offer you multitude of possibilities.


Choose stone slabs or paving stones, and you will have a very resistant, sober and elegant floor, indoors or outdoors.


Choose the ancient wood flooring to make reality the house of your dreams, providing warmth to the interior spaces and achieving a great visual harmony.

We possess lots of kinds of covering, of different aspects and dimensions, you only have to contact us or visit us personally. Remember that if, by any chance, we can’t satisfy your request immediately, we will find all the requested materials very soon.

Antique Oak, Pine and Chesnut flooring
Antique Terracotta Tiles
Antique White Marble flooring with black squares
Antique Black and Grey Marble checkboard flooring
Reclaimed Stone Slabs and Paving
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