Antique Building Materials

Artistic Architectural Elements



Ancient beams are fantastic to guarantee a solid structure and provide warmth to austere indoor spaces. Its decorative power allows them to be used as a traditional rustic concept, but they can also help to reinvent the past, with a much more modern and avant-garde look.


Additionally, they have an extra function: they can serve as support for artificial lighting, becoming the most adequate material to decorate attics, cellars, vaults, dining rooms and halls. We have a wide range of wooden beams (oak, pine, beech, walnut, cherry tree, black popular, etc.) and all the possible measures, including very big dimensions.


Choosing wooden beams is the guaranty of success, no matter the kind of aesthetic you want to evoke.

Antique Oak and Pine Beams 

measuring from 2 to 8 meters in length


We provide first-quality products

unbeatable prices

and a remarkable rapidity in the transportation process


Oak Beams with special treatments